It's Important Your Eyes Be Kind - Ep 14

Episode 14
1h 58m | Apr 13, 2022

We start off on defragging brains & soul troubles. Kaz impressively lists every Xbox console in order of release date, just for fun. This leads to discussing how the Xbox led to the infamous XBMC which eventually became Kodi, an awesome little OS to turn your computer into a streaming media center with cool plugins, functionality, etc.

This leads us right into discussing an awesome new show, Severance, on Apple TV, starring Adam Scott. But before getting to it, we loop around the context, discussing Punch Drunk Love, early Ben Stiller director work, Jon Brion & Elliott Smith (tragic loss, rip).Dglthrt brings up Bright Eyes, related genre, as he just saw him live a few days ago at a new venue in Boston. We talk about how corporate new venues have no soul or “patina” as Kaz points out. We then talk about corporations seem to be in rapid development mode across the country when BillDance announces in his area in Tennessee they are getting a new KFC, may they beat out Bojangles! We checked out the Bojangles website to find Mountain Dew has a custom flavor just for them named “Southern Shock”, a little sus. 

Which of course leads us to Taco Bell, discussing Nacho Fries, they’re awesome but aren’t permanently on the menu, but why!? Does Taco Bell go through your trash to see what people are eating or not finishing!? We then talk about dips, Chick-Fil-A, what's the best? We couldn't help but look at the nugget sauce scene from Breaking Bad, as well as look at some classic Trailer Park Boys clips referencing chicken fingers. 

Thee Ay Ter – Theaatah – Theatre? We stumble upon Pidgin, read some news articles from BBC Pidgin. Is it ok to have fun with Pidgin, or is it cultural appropriation. We learn Pidgin is considered a form of Patois. We get stuck on reading Pidgin for a good bit, and happen upon an article about the Will Smith & Chris Rock incident, so we dive in! “Will Smith dey banished for 10 years!”

We follow the rabbit hole to discussing the incredible John Dunsworth, aka Mr. Lahey, the best Trailer Park Super-Intendant in the word! We find his personal YouTube page and are amazed by his fantastic cement/masonry work that he films and they get a bit philosophical, quite beautiful, truly!

We look at a newly uncovered Windows 95 Launch Event video hosted by Jay Leno, what a trip! They discuss how personal hygiene declined the few years leading up to launch, as well as one employee who plans to “beat myself on a mountain wall”. We find a random Sam Kinison audio drop included in the video, bizarre. We see some folks who look like Tim & Eric characters. Jay Leno opens up with an OJ joke followed by an Amway joke, ah… 1995. Certainly no match for Bitconnectttttt! Wahsa wahsa wahsa wahsa….

Cowboy Elon Musk, copying Oliver Tree’s new style. We quickly look at the Tesla event and mention him buying 9% of Twitter, fun times on the way!

SpaceX and NASA collab! We do a bit of “Space Talk” and look at the launch video. Which leads to listening to the first audio ever recorded on Mars. (thanks to the Perseverance, which btw has its own Twitter account!) We listen to the wind on Mars and lasers hitting rocks! We learn audio travels differently on Mars, high end barely can move through the atmosphere at all, and even the low end travels much less on Mars than on earth due to the thick atmosphere. Maybe dogs are from Mars!

Quick mention of the show Devs, brings us back around to actually watch the Severance trailer! Directed by Ben Stiller starring Adam Scott, John Turturro, even Christopher Walken. It all circles back in the end. Related to Severance, BillDance references a video/study where Chimps & Humans are put to the test! A memory test, with a very basic user interface, which looks very similar to the “work” that is being done in Severance. Did Ben Stiller see this video? Was it inspiration for Severance or just coincidence? Will chimps take over the world now that they can push buttons much, MUCH better than humans? 90% of the time on the memory test the chimp flies through with all correct answers, whereas the human college student that is a crossword expert struggles on every attempt, barely getting 1 in 10 correct, and taking quite a long time to do so. Hugely impressive video demonstrating chimps memory and speed destroys human capability by a wide margin!BillDance bring sup Unreal Engine 5 releasing officially, highlights a free FPS game named Lyra and discusses a few other benefits of UE5.

Quick talk about Little Cities VR releasing April 21, 2022, and Cities: VR (Cities Skylines) releasing April 28, 2022. Then just a quick look at VR games “Wanderer” and “Maskmaker”, a flat game “Nightmare Reaper” and another named “Weird West” by Devolver. 

And then a final discussion on if anyone would be up for undergoing the “Severance” procedure, a hearty handful of “No’s” all around. 

Would you opt for Severance if it were real?

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