VR Tech Support & CES Mess - Ep 4

Episode 4
1h 56m | Jan 19, 2022

Kaz streams Mordhau, Ariana Grande Beat Saber Custom Map, BillDance says “F&*K a bunch of crypto” Kaz then laughs and says he should buy it lul. Profit when everyone else panics, panic when everyone else profits - Kaz. Kaz finally gets a Quest! Tim Dillon “The Wallet” trailer discussion. Kaz likes the Quest, but has trouble using SteamVR with it, so we end up troubleshooting his issue and try to keep Kaz in the VR game. Goes on a bit longer than it should, but, well you’ll see! Quest mods, great ep for new Quest owners. Revive mentioned, we watch a Virtual Reality Oasis vid for tips on fixing Quest/AirLink. BillDance loves Population One, convinces Kaz to purchase. Blaston, RacketNX pretty much a ton of free VR experiences to check out and best VR games for VR newcomers. Followed up by a rough review of CES 2022, scary interactive new world. Razer Zephyr wut!? Ends with Whole Foods delivery livestream! Beyond Meatballs & Apple Cider Donuts!!!

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