Dammit Ticketmaster! Blink 182 Fans Are Not Feeling This! - Ep 22

Episode 22
1h 32m | Nov 3, 2022

In this week’s Space Debris Podcast Nick & James catch up on some casual matters: what we’re playing, both in VR and flat games. Feeling overwhelmed and fatigued by all the space and AI news has led us to taking a break from it, for the most part, this week.

Also discussed is Twitch streaming, dgtlhrt is thinking about streaming some casual gameplay and weekend VR sessions. Nick tells us his experience streaming Pop One and gaining a small audience, but any audience is a good audience!

We play a new game, where someone has to write a sentence that ends with a band name, but the real game is the other person makes a few guesses as to which band name the person will use, the sentence really doesn’t matter!

One of the bands picked, happened to be Blink 182, which led to a discussion of the ticket pricing fiasco for their reunion tour and dgtlhrt having a panic attack with 2 tickets costing $6,000+ in his cart in Ticketmaster.

We then discuss a bunch of upcoming tours, from Theo Von to Andrew Callaghan Channel 5 News. Look at a similar ticket pricing issue for Theo’s Boston 5th and 6th show added verse the 1st shows initially announced. We look to comedian Louis C.K. who seems to have a solution to Ticketmaster by building a connection directly to his audience, simple solution that has allowed CK to release countless specials, shows, a new movie (Fourth of July), and now even another comic’s special (Bobby Kelly). We hope to see more people using this direct to fanbase method by other artists in the future.

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