VR Putt Putt in Outer Space! - Ep 9

Episode 9
1h 34m | Feb 23, 2022

Live from the Metaverse! #1

Join Bill_Dance (aka PeeWee), Kaz (Aka “Horned Shaman”) & dglthrt (Aka Conan O’Brien, Aka Coco, Aka Cony) as they delve into VR space in this first episode of our special “Live from the Metaverse!” series of the Space Debris Podcast! We hyped it up and we actually pulled it off! Enjoy our rousing game of Putt Putt as we goof-off, make an excessive amount of Happy Gilmore references (duh!), all while trying to discuss Amazon’s new Lord of the Rings series, The Silmarillion, Resident Alien on SyFy, The Witcher, Expanse, Elden Ring and whatever else popped up as we battled our way through 2 different courses in the VR game “WalkAbout Mini Golf” by Mighty Coconut. Extra big “Thank you!” to the team at Might Coconut for making such a fantastic game as well as some tips for making this happen. All VR fans should check out their game and their new course DLC “Sweetopia” (which we play through the front 9 holes of in the first half of this video!)

Check out WalkAbout Mini Golf on Steam & the Quest store:


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