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I Need A Minute

We have all come to a place in life where we just wanted time to stop while we try to process and figure out what comes next or what just happened. Unfortunately, life doesn't stop and we can't seem to catch a break either, that's where I am in life. After a recent loss of my beloved Grandmother, I wanted to pause and catch my breath but I couldn't. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way so down the road I will be checking in on my friends and family to make sure they are okay with whatever they have going on in life. I Need A Minute is an honest and raw mental check in, because we all need a listening ear and reassurance that someone cares.


Never Wasted
Show Details14min 32s
Where The Dreams Reside
Show Details14min 30s
Episode 1: Lost
Show Details8min 22s
Episode Zero: Let's Lay the Foundation
Show Details2min 42s